Aviation Crisis Management Consultancy

Aviation Crisis Management
"Jet Ways" have partnered with an Israeli Crisis Management company, combining the deep knowledge in aviation of "Jet Ways" and the extensive experience of its partner, "Critical Impact", in crisis management and negotiation.
The aviation world is exposed to many crises- its vulnerability, due to the basic psychological fear of flying, together with the high-profile of any aviation incident, makes crises a question of "When", rather than "If".
Technical, safety and security issues can arise in no time and no warning. A well-trained company, with ready-made procedures and drills, can make the difference in today's social-media and traditional media demand for immediate and correct responsiveness.
The team is an elite crisis management unit. Its founders and team-members are experts in the field of crisis management and crisis negotiation in local, regional and international.
The founders and team-members are former members of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) and other defense and security organizations. The uniqueness of the company lays in its ability to combine decades of cumulative practical experience, with multi-disciplinary working methods for solving any type of crisis.
The unique negotiation methodology combines “deep analysis” of the adversary entity, building a negotiation plan which includes all influential aspects of the crisis, and consolidating all the efforts for achieving the best possible outcome.
The team has an abundance of experience in designing and executing Influence Operations (IO) in complex situations. The company is working with a unique methodology which is based on the preparation of a strategic “road-map”, from which are drawn multiple efforts such as mapping and analyzing relevant crowds, ​formulating the unique narratives, devise a plan for supporting activities, and more...
The combination of "Jet Ways"- the aviation experts, and "Critical Impact"- the crisis management team, creates a unique synergy for the benefits of its clients.