Security Assessment for High Risk Destinations

Jet Ways Aviation is proud to announce that we have partnered with an Israeli Intelligence firm, specializing in intelligence gathering and analysis all over the world, based on local sources, OSINT (Open Sources Intel) and social media monitoring. This company is based in Israel, with a satellite office in Philadelphia, PA, to cover 24/7/365 service.
We have also partnered with the former head of the Israeli Aviation Security Center, and former Israeli Security Services, Security branch, who will assist us in operational aspects and are capable of consulting and making venue-surveys.

Our services are aimed to the ad-hoc or routine special flights to destinations with higher than normal risk, to meet crew and aircraft security requirements, as well as insurance companies' demands, and is targeted to issues affecting aviation and crews' security.

We are offering a few levels of security reports, to various destinations. Each level is based on the previous, lower level, plus:

  1. A one-time report about an airspace safety and security, country and airport security, with briefing on last 3 months terrorism, political unrest, public order and crime situation, with recommendations whether to park the aircraft there or move to another, more secure, airport. It will also emphasize whether it is recommended to hire a local security firm to secure the aircraft, and where applicable- which company.
  2. A broader report, including recommendations for crew hotel accommodations, transportation, routes from airport to hotel and escape to the airport, emergency agencies contacts, hospitals and their contacts and major embassies in case of a need for emergency contact. This will be accompanied by maps.
  3. The highest level is a real-time alert push service, with real-time monitoring of the crew. They will get access to a mobile application, allows them also to push an emergency button, which will alert the 24/7 operations room and will trigger various actions to assist the crew. We will also be capable of providing the crew (time and place permitting) with a satellite-based attachment to the cellphone, allowing them to be in contact in areas where cellular reception is limited. We will also be able to provide expected cellular coverage in destinations.

For more details, and a tailored solution to your needs, please call our operations, either at, or +972-54-7070131, or +972-54-5878777